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About Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App This is a short guide explaining how you can install an app you found here on your phone. I’m also going to show you a way that’s a lot easier then the standard method everyone uses.

Please make sure your phone has “Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App apk” enabled in it’s settings! To check this go to Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources and check the box.

You have two options, either put the Download Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App apk file onto your phone’s SD card or download and install it directly from your phone.

Sorry We Dont Have Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App Cheat Android.Another thing is to simply install a file manager app like Astro File Manager, browse the APK and install it. Remember This applications Only For Smartphone Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App Android

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Control Your Music With a Wave of Your Hand!

 Uses the proximity sensor on your phone to allow control of your music playback by waving your hand over your phone. No need to turn on your screen or even touch your phone at all!

 As seen on:

 *Lifehacker* http://lifehacker.com/5903676/wave-c...ver-the-screen

 *Huffington Post* http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/0...n_1440305.html

 *Pro Version*

 -No Ads

 -More Commands

 -Assign Which Gesture Does Which Command

 Coming Soon:

 More Features - feel free to email any requests you have

 Update the UI

 Easy to use, just wave your hand over the sensor (usually located just next to the earpiece on your phone).

 Holding it there will Pause/Resume

 One wave across will go to the Next Song

 Two waves across will go to the Previous Song

 Three times (needs to be fast) will Pause or Resume the controls

 *Be sure to enable Headset Button Control in your player of choice

 Some Notes:

 There is a little less than a second to register your waves.

 Tip for the hover gesture: if you move your hand away too quickly it'll register a wave

 After an action, there is a 1 second delay before another gesture will be registered

 Will work with any player that accepts headset (media button) controls

 If the screen is off or another app is in focus, phone vibrates once on pause control and twice on resume controls

 Practice your wave techniques by checking the "Last Action"

 If you're getting another player responding to the commands, check if that app has the option to disable headset button controls


 I have read that the sensor will behave differently on different phones. I don't have the resources to have a bunch of phones around to test on. If there is a problem with the app, please email me at marksthinktank@gmail.com and give me a chance to figure it out before leaving a bad review!

 And… there is a chance this app may not be compatible with your phone.. sorry. I'll do my best to keep the compatibility list up to date so future users won't run into issues.

 Permissions Needed:

 Wake Lock: So it will work when the screen is off

 Read Phone State: So it won't do anything when you're on a call

 Vibrate To use when screen if off or app not in focus

 What's in this version:

 V2.19: Add Reset Button to Target Media App to return to default behavior, New Ads for free version(hopefully more relevant), bug fixes


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The current version of Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App Apk needs to run on Android 1.6 or later, in order to make better use of the CPU capacity, we have optimized and built three different Android GamesWave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App, for higher, medium and lower mobile phones. You can choose to download from your mobile browser, click the button to complete the installation, and you can also download the Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App .Apk file from PC and use the installation tool to install the Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App Apk. Enjoy Guys and Lets Begin Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App Android Games

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